Just Another Lead Generation Scam

Scam - Scam - Scam! - Just another multilevel marketing lead generation scam - don't do it! is nothing more than the latest lead generation scheme to support a multilevel marketing pyramid scheme, this time named Veema. is just a quick makeover of & it's associated radio and television lead generation advertising campaign. is running virtually identical radio ads to the ones previously run by Income At Home. The same talk radio hosts who endorsed and advertised are lining up to shill for PaidAtHome. They use the same old Internet Business Starter Kit that they have been using for years.

The only real difference between Paid At Home & Income At Home is the pyramid scheme they're using as the cover story for their scam. For years was connected to Herbalife, but when the bright lights of scruitiny landed on the pyramid scam called Herbalife, these guys had to get aligned with a company that would 'look the other way', and Veema said 'come on down!'

If you want to get in the ultra-darkside of the multilevel marketing business, then pay $10 to get their information. Then get clipped for another $40 when/if you don't send their crappy brochure and DVD back in time. Or fall for their scam and end up paying hundreds, or thousands to get signed up with Veema, and hundreds to thousands of dollars per month on their leads, online business tools, and autoreplicating websites.

Do yourself a favor.

Don't Do It.

Hey! Weren't These Radio Hosts Endorsing just weeks ago? Yup! ... So which 'work from home opportunity' is it that you actually endorse? | Just Another Multilevel Marketing [Veema] Lead Generation Scam

Quit Selling Out Your Listeners!

This screenshot was taken the exact same day as the ones above, but of - Dr. Laura, Glenn Beck, Sean Hannity, Sibyl Wilkes, all on both websites. - Just another multilevel marketing lead generation scam - Don't Do It!